Dear 59DaysOfCode Community,

We've got some news for you.
We're headed somewhere big,
and we're excited to take you along with us.

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From the beginning, 59DaysOfCode was about bringing unexpected people together and watching them build a new story for themselves and their city.

In the last ten years, our geeks, dreamers, and superheroes have built more than anyone could have imagined.

We heard people say "Nothing good can come out of the Central Valley." They told us that "Things like that just don't happen in Fresno."

So we did what we do best -- we banded together, put our heads down, and built things the Valley had never seen before. You did it. We did it. And we're going to continue doing it with each other -- the people nobody expected.

We've been so stoked to be a part of this movement, and honestly we just brought people together and watched in awe as you made magic happen. We're proud of what we've helped to spark, but most of all we're proud of what you've built together.

And now we're here. 2019.

Look around you, tech makers. Things are a lot different than when we started ten years ago. When we started, there was no central community for technology, and now there's a blossoming tech community in the heart of our Valley.

And now that our community has grown and evolved, it's time for 59 DOC to grow and evolve with it, holding our core mission close while actively building new ways to bring it to life. We want to think through every aspect of what we offer as we bring our best to meet the needs of this growing community.

This year has been a year of transition for 59DaysOfCode.

We transitioned the role of Director from one fearless leader to another, and have been transitioning toward a more clear focus on launching new tech companies here in our Valley -- led by the very geeks and unseen heroes that make up our community.

Honestly, we know transitions can be difficult, even if we're headed toward something good.

Transitions offer an opportunity to remember the good times and get excited for the future at the same time. They give us a chance to return to our roots and rediscover why we decided to embark on this journey in the first place.

As an organization, this is a time where we really want to be thoughtful and self-reflective as we bring on a new Executive Director. This is a chance for us to evaluate our opportunities for impact and see where we can grow.

At 59DaysOfCode, we never want to deliver anything that is less than what our community needs and deserves.

Because of this, we came to the bittersweet decision that we will not host #thecompetition in 2019. We do not take this decision lightly, and we also do not take lightly the responsibility of leading our tech community into this next exciting chapter.

We need time to take a step back, reboot, and design 59DaysOfCode into exactly what our community needs and can become, whether we can imagine that future yet or not.

Although we won't see you this summer, we are currently planning an awesome hackathon for this fall! We're partnering with local companies so you can bring your great ideas and solutions to the real world and get noticed for it.

This is the first of many things to come out of our new direction and focus.

Until then, we're going back to the drawing board to rebuild 59DaysOfCode from the ground up with you in mind.

That all being said, a lot of great things are happening! We're pretty dang excited to share with you the wave of new programs and new partnerships coming that will give you every possible chance to build something new and great for yourself.

And as we help you launch into our growing tech industry, you'll be leading our Valley forward to the future we dream of and deserve.

With love and huge hope for our community,

Alex Hussain-León

Alex Hussain-León
Executive Director

TL;DR: We love our community. It's a time of transitions. We are postponing #thecompetition until next year. We're going to rebuild all of 59DOC to meet the needs of our growing and evolving community. We're having a hackathon in the fall. Get ready for what's next.

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