Arts & Culture is as important to technology as it is to life: art is integral to the spirit of innovation and the human interaction with technology; culture sparks new ideas, requires diversity, and embraces inclusion. 59DaysofCode will drive technology forward - not at the expense of traditional artistic media, agriculture, or the non-geek, but together with them. 59DaysOfCode aims to break the idea that tech, art, and culture are mutually exclusive. Together, we will find a new way of doing things, a better way, a more beautiful way.


This engaging speaker series, designed to inspire the geek in all of us, launched in 2015 with Steve Wozniak at the Saroyan Theater. Yes, that Steve Wozniak. And it was only the beginning. Now, we bring you the geniuses who are changing the way the world works, starting right here in our own community.


For half a decade, 59DaysOfCode's #thecompetition challenged geeks to build what's next, launching more than a dozen businesses and hundreds of careers. Expect more of that... way more.

Events + Technology

Imagine the coolest concert, food festival, or sportsball game you've ever been to. Smash it together with the coolest high-tech gadgets on earth. We use our powers to show how technology complements all your craziest ideas.

59DaysOfCode knows that learning things is the first step to doing things, so this is where we start. We start by removing barriers so that students can access tech education and unlock their full-geek potential. We expose students to the possibilities and we help them apply their skills to the real world. 59DaysOfCode was born because education, exposure, and a competitive spirit is how we get things done. It’s how we change the world. It’s how we start a revolution.

Tech Expos

59DaysOfCode Expo

59DaysOfCode brings technology to you because we want the world to know what is happening in technology. We want you to know what we are doing with technology and how that technology is changing the San Joaquin Valley. You'll chat with super-passionate geeks, and realize that they're just like you. Once on the fringes, we are now a community of geeks, revolutionizing the San Joaquin Valley by creating the next big thing.


59DaysOfCode Hackathon

Have an unsolvable problem? Make it a 59DaysOfCode Hackathon. There is no better incentive for changing the world than bragging rights. Students and pros compete to address the seemingly impossible, all in 24 hours. What problem can we solve for you?


59DaysOfCode Scholarships

It's not just money. Or a piece of paper. Or bragging rights. It's the opportunity for a better life. It's the geek who can finally revolt against the expectations of family, community, self. It's a chance to do more for themselves and, in doing more, do more for the world. All the feels happen when you give a 59DaysOfCode scholarship to a geek who wants to learn.

59DaysOfCode introduces The Lab, where our peers keep us on our toes - on the leading edge of technology - because we know that the San Joaquin Valley is the place that new technology happens. It's where a bunch of geeks brainstorm on a whiteboard and then it grows from there. Hardware. VR. AR. New spaces and places. New geeks. New research and new ideas.

In The Lab, we are building a think-tank for geeks to revolutionize the San Joaquin Valley - we are building what's next.

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